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Provide suggestions to improve or issues you may find on the new theme development. There may be prices for good suggestions. Just suggest, it may or may not make sense.

Helping Hand Program

We run near to 10 websites to share our thoughts, knowledge and experiences with others. We have decided to give opportunities to job seekers and students to help us. We will give a basic pay as percentage of any profit from the sites to these volunteers.

Most of the work will be online and you might also need to come in person on weekends for trainings and meetups. So only two requirements will be to have a decent internet connection and availability in Bangalore on weekends.

Content types in Drupal 7 - Basic, Article, Blog, Book and Custom content types

Drupal is a content management system. So what is a content? Content is what the user see. This page, which you are reading is a content. 


Creating and publishing content

First, you need to create your content and publish it. Then it will be visible to other users.


About US

This forum based blog is run by few individuals for their love for open source content management systems. However, we don't say or express the official views of the companies we work with. 


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